The wheel of heaven turns, it mounts up and falls away; the track of human affairs is similarly unclear. Whenever we dwell, unknowingly, on the brink of disaster, there is nobody in the world, ‘who, if they cannot take care of themselves’, will be able to conquer its course. Therefore, no scholar pursuing his nature, who does not make a plan for himself concerning self-care, will ever be able to partake in any discussion on the path of nourishing life. For this reason, we take self-care as fundamental.

—Sun Simiao, Chinese physician, 581–682 AD--


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Leanne Dargan BHSc Acupuncture, Diploma Tuina & Qigong.     ACC Treatment Provider,     Member of Acupuncture NZ



After completing a 4 year degree in Acupuncture including 200 supervised clinic hours & a diploma of Qi Qong & Taiji Quan in 2014, I began working in a busy physiotherapy practice in Onehunga, Auckland.

This environment allowed me to gain valuable knowledge of acute & chronic musculoskeletal conditions, whilst building up fundamental relationships between clients, practitioners and other professional organisations.

I have an interest in 'chronic' pain, including inflammatory disorders, myofascial pain syndrome, chronic fatigue syndrome (CFS), Complex Regional Pain, emotional stress & anxiety, - however I also enjoy helping others with empathy & encouragement.

I regularly attend seminars & workshops to educate myself more on upcoming techniques and understand the core principals of Qi Gong.

"Live well, stay well"