Qigong¬† ‘The Psychology of Inner Perception’

The origins of Qi Gong” go back some thousands of years, and many styles and forms have emerged
through time however, regardless of what form you may be introduced to –¬† they all have in one thing in common, and that is for the practitioner to quieten their mind and turn it inwards,
whether doing a moving or a static practice. Some Qi Gong focuses more on physical health, some exercises on spiritual development, whilst others have specific aims which induces more widespread health benefits.

Having completed a two year comprehensive diploma in Qigong & Taijiquan in 2013, in Auckland. I have continued to incorporate this valuable knowledge personally and utilised in the clinic for healing techniques or self-help as required.

I have continuously attended workshops regularly since graduation with world known teachers, including Peter Caughey, Kerry Castell-Spence and Master Zhen Qingchan.

Private Qi gong treatment’s are available. Qi gong is effective to unwind and shift stagnation, (blockages within your body to unwind), allowing your body to minimise stress and muscle tension.

Private consultation of theory & practice classes by appointment.


You are welcome to contact me for a ‘free introduction” to Qi Gong and discuss your particular needs further


Live well – Stay well